Kate Ediger


To get to do what I love... I am lucky. To get paid for what I love to do... I am absolutely blessed.

With Velvet Leaf Photography I not only want to capture great moments in time but completely draw you back to those moments so you can re live them over again. My hope is to do this in a creative way that is unique and fresh. I want you to look back remembering exactly how you felt at that moment in time. For the image to be so real to you that you can literally feel the wind, the sun, the laughter, the sounds, the feeling you had in your soul. Photography is one of the only things that can truly still these moments in time forever and I feel so honored to do that for people.

If you are interested in what I do my contact info is below, I would love to sit and chat over coffee about how I can capture these moments for you. For any information regarding details on any of the packages please email me with with your inquiry. You can also visit our facebook page for our lattest and greatest work! Thank you so much for stopping in I am really looking forward to meeting you!


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